Provitious Technologies has been founded by creative minds who have spent years in industry working in different verticals and domains, and have now come to the same cabin to make the difference by leveraging their experience and knowledge.

We are a development Company? No wait, We are a lot more than just development company who write some line of codes and convert images to web pages. WE DON”T DO THAT, We are rather a solutions provider who would sit with stakeholders, listen to what they have to say, connect the dots they are dropping, understand their problem, analyse and then tell customers what solution their business needs and what value it would add to their operation and business at large..

We deliver performance beyond excellence…


We Listen

We are consultant and not contractors,
We listen to every line that our customer
has to say. We help them defining
requirement and project scoping.

We Understand

We get it documented. We read,
study and understand the purpose of
the project. We make sure that we and our
customers both are on the same page.

We Deliver

We deliver what’s expected!
We make sure that we deliver
the solution which was
communicated and
committed to client.

We Support

Our job just doesn't end when project
is delivered. We stand by with client
on every way of support that product
requires even after deployment.

We are Cost - Effective

Most important. With us you can save up to 60% of your project cost. We have got flexing business modules which help clients to make the most of their project spending.